We help Educational Organizations of all sizes,            manage enrollments effectively





An admission software that is well integrated into your SIS functionality allows you to quickly enroll applicants to the course or subject of their choice. Merbebt end-to-end functionality decreases dramatically the time spent on transferring students from one system to the other while improving data security and eliminating human errors. Experience new levels of efficiency for your teams and improve your end-user’s satisfaction.




Transition to a paperless environment for managing registrations and enrollments with Merbebt. Admissions workflows can be customized according to academic requirements. Applicants can fil fill out the required forms and submit the required documents and certifications from on-line portals. Provide students and their parents with a seamless enrollment process.

Documents and Consents Management

Simplify the document submission and management process for both your applicants and your employees. Admission officers can set and manage specific consents and opt-ins and always stay compliant with local and international regulations. Protect your students’ privacy and keep all your records organized in the secure cloud environment that Merbebt provides.


Reporting & Insights

Getting registration information in real time and having insights about the profile of your applicants is crucial for any educational organization. Admission officers can manage and review application data quickly and visualize them with the use of tools such as Power BI. Start making informed decisions in your organization by leveraging the insightful, real-time reports that Merbebt SIS can provide to you.


    Say goodbye to fragmented IT infrastructure and hello to the simplicity of a fully integrated solution. Merbebt is a modular solution that combines the functionality of five different systems into one platform that provides a seamless and unified experience.

                                               MERBEBT IS FULLY INTEGRATED 

                                                                    WITH 40+ TOOLS

 With an open API, Merbebt makes it easy for you to connect with your existing tools and workflows, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience. Merbebt offers seamless integration with over 40 of the most popular third-party tools, including Office 365, Google Workspace, Moodle, Webex, MS Teams, Zoom, HubSpot and more. No more fragmented IT infrastructure or time-consuming manual data transfer. Merbebt streamlines all your school operations, saves time and reduces errors.  Contact our sales team and discover the benefits of a fully integrated education technology solution!