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                                        HOW MERBEBT HELPS EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS                             STREAMLINE ADMISSIONS PROCESS



Provide applicants or their parents with the option to pay online through a secure environment.

Custom Admission Portals

Merbebt provides educational organizations with a dedicated Portal for managing applications, registrations and re-registration. This Portal is easily configurable to meet specific admission workflows without the need to have any IT or development knowledge.

Automate Enrollment Procedures

Streamline enrollment processes with the Merbebt Admissions module. Students or Parents can self-register online for courses and activities, thus reducing paperwork and manual input of data to your SIS. Powerful real-time reporting for having a complete overview of the application process.



Applicants Management

Admissions and registrations are complex and time-consuming processes. Merbebt allows you to effectively control every aspect of these processes. Admission employees can easily manage applicants, documents, admission checklists, and applications. Students and parents can complete their enrollment online following a straightforward process, while at the same time the admission office receives notifications.

Admission & Analysis

Having real-time analytics regarding the Admission process is crucial for the success of any educational organization. Merbebt’s advanced Admission and Analysis feature can provide you with comprehensive information and reporting from the moment potential applicants become interested in your educational programs until the completion of their enrollment process.

Applicants’ Signup Form

Even before the application process begins, Merbebt allows to capture leads expressing interest in your organization through a sign up form, for future marketing campaigns. Your organisation can also benefit from the applicant’s account verification through email.


Admission Portal

Merbebt offers candidates the ability to self-register using the admission portal and have immediate access to a personalized dashboard. Applicants have access to announcements, a personal calendar, messaging portal and they can easily apply online to any of the educational programs offered by your educational organization.

Admission Documents & Qualifications

With Merbebt, it’s easy to manage documents that need to be submitted for the successful creation of any application in your organization. Applicants can fill out text boxes, select from dropdowns, use date pickers, upload files, and much more. Admission managers can create an online form, configure the list of supporting documents or fields, and customize application forms according to their needs.

Qualification Rules and Auto-eligibility controls

Merbebt allows users setting up qualification rules and eligibility controls, based on the applicant’s submitted priorities and position depending on their collected points. These actions can be triggered either manually or automatically.


Entrance Examinations & Results

In case your educational organization aims to implement a sophisticated examination system, this could be managed through  Merbebt’s Admission module. Educational organizations can implement an advanced level entrance examination system and allow admissions officers to select students according to specific academic criteria.

Position Offer Management & Contracts Management

Merbebt Admission Module provides an advanced Position Offers Management system based on eligibility criteria and collected points. When an applicant gets accepted for one or more educational programs, acceptance letters as well as contracts are automatically generated and sent.


Merbebt Admission module can meet any educational organization’s registration needs from first-time applicants to alumni. The admission office can manage candidates, create registration workflows, and handle all the communication by syncing Merbebt CRM and Admission modules.


         Student Re-registration Tools

Admission officers can use Merbebt’s eligibility functionality to provide students and parents with special tools that support the re-registration process. Eligible students may apply for next year’s studies, enroll themselves in educational programs, subjects, or even to extra curriculum activities or complimentary services.

Online Enrollment to Courses and Activities

Save time and reduce operating costs that will increase the success of your educational organization by allowing students or parents to enroll online in courses, subjects, and extracurricular activities. Advanced administrative tools for K12 and Higher Education allows an effective management process using sophisticated rules and procedures.

Student  Self-Registration

In case your institute does not have an end-to-end admission process, Merbebt’s Admissions module is the go-to solution. Invite your students to participate in a group and enroll them automatically in a group’s subjects. In this way students can self-register to your institute or academy and start immediately using their personalized Merbebt portal.


Multiple Application Management

Merbebt’s Admission module enables your candidates to submit multiple applications in case they are interested in more than one educational program, while they can also set the priority of their preferences through their portal. Even though applications can be multiple, each application to a program maintains its own specifications e.g., financial, as well as the necessary consents.

Intakes management

Depending on the institution’s structure, Merbebt allows for multiple admission intakes. Additionally, you can always reopen a closed intake each academic year, instead of recreating it, while the system maintains historical data for the total of your applicants from previous years.

Consents Management

In Merbebt, consents management is an important part of the admission process. Provide your applicants with several consent submission types, such as GDPR consents, financial consents, sharing data consents etc. to also deal with compliance issues of the application process. Merbebt helps you manage repetitive consents submission in case of re-enrollments, as well as personalized consents according to the department, activities etc.


Application fee management
and payment

Merbebt allows organizations to support multiple flows for the tuition fee management. This feature allows you to use advanced application fee management in sync with the Billing Module for application fees payment, during the whole admissions and registration lifecycle.

Sales Promotion, Discounts & Online Arrangements

Offering special vouchers and discounted codes to a specific type of applicant can improve your registration rates. Use Merbebt Admissions module in sync with the Billing module to offer discount vouchers, coupons, or other deals to motivate your candidates register through their personalized portals. Additionally, Merbebt allows you to automatically create financial agreements and installment plans for all chargeable services and send them automatically to the respective applicants.



With an open API, Merbebt makes it easy for you to connect with your existing tools and workflows, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.
Merbebt offers seamless integration with over 40 of the most popular third-party tools, including Office 365, Google Workspace, Moodle, Webex, MS Teams, Zoom, HubSpot and more.
No more fragmented IT infrastructure or time-consuming manual data transfer. Merbebt streamlines all your school operations, saves time and reduces errors.
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