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Student Progress Tracking

Tracking student progress is key to creating an effective teaching environment. Merbebt provides a user-friendly environment where teachers can discover trends in student performance both on an individual and on a group basis. Students can also have visibility to their academic progress and compare themselves with the rest of their peers.

Student Attendance

Support your students in staying on track with school attendance. Remove the friction of attendance tracking from teachers and keep parents always informed. Easily track students’ attendance at different courses and sessions. Merbebt helps you reduce the time needed for tracking attendance, compared to traditional methods.

Classroom Management

Merbebt can make teachers’ lives easier, as it provides them with the ability to plan and manage sessions and lesson plans effectively. The Academics Module can provide information about each session and lesson plan. It also allows educators to update the lesson syllabus with taught material or provide details regarding the part of the lesson that was covered during the teaching session.

Curriculum Builder

Merbebt provides a comprehensive tool to build Curriculums and education programs. You can easily create curriculum entities such as semesters, years, and groups of mandatory or optional subjects. Also, program managers can manage credit requirements for progression and graduation and automatically promote students to the next year or force them to repeat classes or subjects. Merbebt also provides tools for online enrollment and allows end-users to self-enroll to subjects based on eligibility criteria. Students can select elective units or subjects and choose a related class or group. Merbebt provides functionality to admin employees that allows the bulk enrollment of students to mandatory subjects, units, modules, or courses.


Homework & Classwork Management

Merbebt offers educators the opportunity to effectively support their students by uploading detailed tasks and homework anytime, anywhere only with a few clicks. Educators can schedule their lesson plans, record the teaching material within the classroom and set the homework assigned to students. Additionally, this functionality allows them to easily add external links, reduce repetitive tasks, and manage teaching material per group of students or individually.

Timetable Management

Manage weekly schedules for multiple classes over the course of the academic year for easily allocating relevant resources (classrooms, teachers) and managing teaching sessions. Merbebt offers the functionality to create web-based timetables for creating unique teaching sessions, either online or offline. The Calendar view serves for easily creating timetables with a simply drag and drop functionality. Additionally, Merbebt checks availability conflicts with advanced logic based on teacher’s time slots restrictions.

Sessions & Lesson Plans Management

Educators can provide additional teaching material for each session, as well as record the resources used such as books, chapters, or articles. Additionally, with the detailed lesson plans, teachers can indicate which part of the lesson is covered in each taught session. Teaching sessions can be synchronized with a variety of Merbebt’s functionality such as daily marking tools, attendance data, daily remarks, homework, to-do lists, badges, thump up/down feedback and much more. Also, teachers can distribute quizzes and get an easy-to-use, simple e-learning module up and running.


Assessments, Exams & Assignments

Merbebt is a complete SIS, offering an advanced assessment management tool. Instructors can create any type of assessment such as assignments, teamwork presentations, in-class tests, online or offline quizzes. They can also plan and schedule semester or year-end exams, external certifications or exam re-takes in a few clicks. Merbebt supports the publication of academic results in various forms for informing students and parents about their academic progress.

Advanced Attendance  System

Merbebt provides users with four different methods of attendance tracking, per individual student or massively. Manage students’ attendance by date, time, subject, or based on timetable entries. Admins can also adjust types and causes of absences, so that the registration process is quick and simplified. Students and parents can get an overview of the absences through their dashboards, as well as receive updates via automated SMS/email messages.

Mentors & Advisors

Merbebt Academic & LMS module provides students information regarding counseling and supervision. Each student may be assigned to a counselor or mentor. Counselor educators can record actions, comments, timetables, and anything related to the academic performance of the student.


Advanced Numerical/Descriptive Marking & Analysis

Merbebt offers users a fully customizable rating system. Teachers can use a variety of custom criteria to define multiple scoring structures per class or department. Recognizing the complexity of the evaluation process, Merbebt provides diverse ways of automatically grading for each student, lesson, category, and scoring period. Merbebt Academic & LMS module provides different ways of calculating grades for each term, semester, year, or multiple academic years. For higher education institutions, Merbebt provides additional tools to manage ECTS or other credits management, total transcript management, automated calculation of graduation or promotion capability.

Daily Marking and    Evaluation

Educators have the option to daily evaluate the progress of their students in numerous ways. They can evaluate daily academic performance with numeric or descriptive marks and comments. Teachers can also add CRM remarks for updating parents through the Academic CRM Module functionality. Additionally, Merbebt offers the option of point system, thumps up/down and badges, adding a gamification element to the student’s academic evaluation, quite attractive to the underaged ones.

Outcomes Management & Descriptive Marking

Merbebt allows educational organizations to provide a holistic, comprehensive overview of the student’s academic progress. Set student’s goals or targets per course, link them to the lesson plans and assess whether the specific goals set per student were achieved. The outcomes are integrated into the overall score structure. Provide a set of descriptive assessment criteria that can be used by teachers for student evaluation. Allow educators to use predetermined, modifiable text to assess student’s progress or simply provide free text to a set of evaluation questions.


Behavior Management & Pointing System

Motivating students and engaging them actively in the learning process is one of the major challenges for every teacher. To help educators keep their students engaged, Merbebt provides them a feature set for effective behavior management. A wide variety of badges and behavior marks such as thumbs up/down is the way to transform learning and give smart incentives to the entire class or per student. Additionally, teachers can register remarks related to each student’s behavior that automatically inform parents in case of misbehavior or lack of preparation.

Assessment Workflows & Blind Marking

Educational organizations have the option to create assessment workflows for allowing the evaluation of students’ assignments from different teachers. In case the assessment process requires to “hide” student’s data for more transparency, Merbebt offers the option of blind marking.

Synoptic, Retakes and Deferred Management

With Merbebt, you can give the option to your students to re-take exams and classes or transfer credits from one program to the other. In a Higher Education environment, this functionality allows administration employees to easily track the transferred credits and automatically audit the degree graduation requirements.


Gradebook and Degree Audit

Merbebt provides a powerful and flexible system to manage transcripts and end–year academic results. Students can have real time access to their transcripts, while employees can securely print official transcripts and distribute paper copies. Additionally, unique transcript ID codes can be created for additional security or connect with Ministries of Education system databases.

Check in/out tools

Attendance can be tracked with various methods, either online or offline. With Merbebt it is possible to create and scan QR codes and RFID cards, however this action requires integration with 3rd party system or scanning hardware.


 With an open API, Merbebt makes it easy for you to connect with your existing tools and workflows, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.
Merbebt offers seamless integration with over 40 of the most popular third-party tools, including Office 365, Google Workspace, Moodle, Webex, MS Teams, Zoom, HubSpot and more.
No more fragmented IT infrastructure or time-consuming manual data transfer. Merbebt streamlines all your school operations, saves time and reduces errors.
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