We help Educational Organizations of all sizes                                                           create effective academic experiences.

              MERBEBT ADVANCED FEATURES ENHANCE  ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE                                                                               FOR YOUR STUDENTS                                                                ═══════   

Powerful Integrations                                                                                   ════════════

Merbebt offers multiple integrations with the most popular in education 3rd party systems, such as Office 365, G-suite, Moodle, WebEx, Zoom, HubSpot, Turnitin, DocuSign and Untis, just to name a few. Advance from these powerful integrations and create meaningful hybrid learning experiences, effective admission processes and engaging communications.

Enhanced Academic Experiences for Higher Education      ════════════

Merbebt provides HE organizations with a fully configurable environment for managing universities and colleges. The combined functionality of SIS, ERP and CRM in sync with numerous integrations decreases the complexity of maintaining multiple systems. Integrate Merbebt with the most popular third-party tools for education, like videoconferencing tools, LMS platforms, and payment gateways. Additionally, the Advanced Features module allows you to design personalized reports, emails, and system messages.

Grading and State-of-the-art Reporting                   ════════════

Merbebt offers an easy-to-use interface to Teachers and Employees for managing both numeric and descriptive marking. The solution provides a user-friendly environment where teachers can discover trends in student performance both on an individual and group basis. Cloud-based Merbebt SIS creates an online environment for populating and viewing grade reports simultaneously.


Multiple Institutes, Multiple Locations & Adaptive Terminology

Merbebt advanced SIS enables the set-up of a central management database of multiple institutes or academies and management of multiple locations including faculties or schools, educational programs, grades of studies, levels, streams, semesters etc. Moreover, each institute can have its dynamically defined structure and terminology.

BI Tools & Dashboards

Merbebt offers powerful BI tools to monitor your organization’s progress. BI tools can be utilized to work out budget issues like students’ turnover per hour, academic issues like drop-out rates or social issues like bullying incidents and complaint ratios. Take advantage of the option to integrate with Power BI for instant reports creation.

Open Web API

Merbebt offers an Open Web API to encourage common operations with 3rd party’s interconnection. Through Merbebt predefined Web API calls, customers and partners can retrieve important data at their convenience.



Merbebt offers multiple integrations with the most popular 3rd party systems in education, such as Office 365, G-suite, Moodle, WebEx, Zoom, HubSpot and Turnitin, while the list goes on and on. With these integrations in place, Merbebt is one of the most complete SIS solutions ensuring the effective operation of your educational institution.

Customized Portal & Pages

Among its many functionalities, Merbebt allows educational organizations to make their instance branded and personalized. Upload your logos and branding elements to customize the layout of your portals and give your users the sense of a school community.

Custom Fields

Merbebt is a truly customizable SIS to meet the needs of any educational type. Except for the possibility to adapt all terminology, the system provides the option to add custom fields to the platform for any type of end-user, such as students, parents, and teachers.


Customizable Reports & Lists

Create high-quality reports, effortlessly and promptly, with the Advanced Features module. Dynamic reporting and viewability are safely screened based on user roles and the corresponding access rights to sensitive data. Additionally, you can export reports for any academic or financial related activity in multiple formats, including pdf, excel or word files.

Report Builder

Merbebt is integrated with Microsoft reporting tools that provide you with an intuitive report authoring environment. MS Report Builder is a tool for creating paginated reports in a stand-alone environment. Add visualizations including maps and data-bars to enrich your report with useful insights.

Notification Services & Templates Management

Merbebt’s Advanced Features enable you to create workflows and run filters to automatically send notifications to students, teachers, or parents in case of special occasions, e.g., absences or financial issues. Create custom templates for different scenarios or type of user, simply by utilizing the drag and drop template editor.


Unique ID generator (QR/RFID)

Even though a cloud solution, Merbebt designed tools for the evolving hybrid education. Dynamically create unique QR codes and RFID cards for tracking the physical presence to classes or activities.

Alumni Portal

All users set as alumni have access to their own portal with personalized content. By accessing this portal alumni stay engaged with the organization even upon graduation, maintain access to specific calendar events and announcements as well as to academic transcripts.



With an open API, Merbebt makes it easy for you to connect with your existing tools and workflows, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience.
Merbebt offers seamless integration with over 40 of the most popular third-party tools, including Office 365, Google Workspace, Moodle, Webex, MS Teams, Zoom, HubSpot and more.
No more fragmented IT infrastructure or time-consuming manual data transfer. Merbebt streamlines all your school operations, saves time and reduces errors.
Contact our sales team and discover the benefits of a fully integrated education technology solution!